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Securing a Fair Alimony Agreement after Your Divorce

Determining who is entitled to receive alimony (also called spousal maintenance) is a complex decision that is not solely governed by state statute. Alimony decisions are made at the discretion of the family court judge, after considering a number of factors presented by each client’s attorney. Effective presentation of the facts can play a significant role in the outcome of your alimony case.

Divorce attorney Rosalyn Charles represents men and women who are seeking to receive, avoid, or minimize spousal maintenance in divorce or same-sex dissolution proceedings. When you need effective legal representation in court, contact Rosalyn Charles at RC Charles Esquire.

Experience You Can Count on in Court

Rosalyn Charles has more than 20 years of experience dealing with spousal support cases. Our firm frequently works with clients to help negotiate an appropriate support agreement. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, we will act as strong advocates for you in family court.

Factors the Family Court Judge Will Consider

Many issues will be considered as the judge decides whether or not to grant spousal support, including:

  • Income and property of each party
  • Needs of each party
  • Present and anticipated future earnings of each party
  • Standard of living established during the marriage or partnership
  • Age, physical, and emotional condition of both parties
  • Whether any valid premarital agreement or post-nuptial agreement exists between the parties
  • Other factors that the courts find equitable and just

If the judge agrees to order spousal maintenance, then the two main issues in question are the amount and duration of spousal support. The duration of spousal support is closely linked to the length of the marriage or partnership.

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