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Child Support Lawyer

Initial Determination or Post-Decree Modification of Child Support

The state child support formula does not guarantee an accurate or fair level of support. The knowledgeable attorney of RC Charles Esquire can represent parents from the beginning of a child support determination or in post-divorce issues of modification or enforcement.

Our law firm can represent either the payor or recipient parent in child support matters. Our knowledgeable Morris County child support lawyer practices in the family courts of Essex County, Bergen County, and the surrounding counties of New Jersey. Contact us today to discuss your concerns in an initial consultation.

Our Lawyer Has Knowledge of All Aspects of Child Support

We get involved on all fronts in divorce cases, including positioning clients for favorable child support and alimony arrangements. Our service includes:

  • Initial determination — Our first role is to ensure the court has accurate information about the parents’ incomes. A parent who is self-employed or paid in cash, for instance, may falsify how much he or she earns in order to pay less support. If necessary, we can subpoena bank records or involve forensic accountants.
  • Beyond the guidelines — The child support guidelines do not apply beyond a joint income of $175,000. To obtain additional support, the recipient parent must demonstrate need, such as funding for private school, sports camps, piano lessons, or a need to maintain the level of lifestyle to which the child is accustomed.
  • Modification — Either parent can petition for an increase or decrease in child support upon a significant change in circumstances: a new job or promotion, a job loss or business downturn, or different needs of the child. We can initiate or challenge support modification.
  • Enforcement — The court or the state of New Jersey can compel a parent to pay child support arrears through wage garnishment, bank levies, or contempt of court penalties. We can assist in documenting the delinquent parent’s refusal to pay or ability to pay. We can also advocate for clients who are unable to make support payments because of financial hardships.

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