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Divorce Attorney

Experienced Representation for Contested or Uncontested Divorce

Have you reached the heartrending decision to end your marriage and move on? Are you reeling after a spouse or partner has filed for a divorce or separation? Getting divorced raises many difficult issues, whether you are parting ways amicably or are barely on speaking terms.

The law firm of RC Charles Esquire provides compassionate counsel, solid advice, and strong representation throughout a complex and stressful process. We represent women and men at all stages of contested and uncontested divorce.

Principal attorney Rosalyn Charles resolves divorce cases in Newark, Essex County, Bergen County, Union County, and the surrounding jurisdictions of northern New Jersey. Schedule a consultation today.

A Big Picture Approach to Resolving Divorce and Planning Your Future

The intense emotions and upheaval you experience can distract from what is truly important during your divorce. Our Newark divorce attorney helps clients catch their breath and think calmly and clearly about matters that will have a long-term impact on their lives. Ms. Charles will address your immediate concerns, such as the care of your children, interim finances, or allegations of domestic violence. She will walk you through the divorce process to help you prioritize your goals and plan your next steps.

You can count on RC Charles Esquire for realistic advice and faithful representation regarding:

We also assist clients in related areas of law, such as divorce-related bankruptcy, selling the marital residence, and valuation of a closely-held business.

Attorney Representing Men and Defending Fathers’ Rights

We represent many dads who are concerned about being marginalized in the divorce process. We help demonstrate to the court that our clients want and deserve to be actively involved in the lives of their children. Read more about our focus on fathers’ rights.

RC Charles Esquire handles both contested divorce and uncontested divorce (or dissolution). Many of our clients are high earners or spouses of high-net-worth individuals, and we have the experience and network of professionals needed to handle their unique issues. We can address business valuations, professional licenses, hidden assets or income, and the division of pensions and stock options.

We Aim for Solutions and Prepare for Court

In any divorce, we steer clients away from unnecessary litigation and strive to limit the impact on any children involved. However, sometimes the legal issues or the circumstances require going to court to settle your differences. Rosalyn Charles is an accomplished divorce litigator who draws on her training as a former prosecutor to advocate effectively for her clients.

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