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 Divorce Lawyer Handling Parent Relocation

Providing Legal Advocacy When One Parent Wants to Move with the Children

Custody relocation is one of the most difficult and hotly contested issues in family law. At RC Charles Esquire, we represent parents on either side of these emotionally charged proceedings.

Outside of court, we help clients reach practical agreements that make the best of their situation and maintain strong parent-child bonds. When litigation cannot be avoided, our experienced trial attorney can fight for you and the best interests of your child.

We practice in the family courts of Essex County, Bergen County, and the surrounding counties of North Jersey. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Knowledgeable Lawyer Helping When a Custodial Parent Wishes to Relocate

Under New Jersey law, the burden of proof is on the parent who is moving away. To relocate residential custody, that parent must demonstrate that (a) the move is in the child’s best interests and (b) he or she is pursuing opportunities not available in the current locale.

For example, a higher paying job, better schools, or a stronger family support network might be considered legitimate reasons to relocate. However, relocation petitions are decided on a case-by-case basis and “best interests” is a subjective concept. The court also considers the present child custody arrangement and the impact relocation would have on the parent who is not relocating.

Rosalyn Charles is an experienced Union County divorce lawyer, a former prosecutor, and a former municipal court judge. She provides skilled courtroom advocacy for relocation hearings, which are like mini-trials with each side presenting an argument for or against the move.

Ms. Charles also provides a clear perspective, realistic assessment, and creative solutions for negotiating custody arrangements when the petition is not contested or after a judge has ruled. It may be necessary to redraft the custody agreement to reflect the new realities. The nonresidential parent might get increased visitation during the summer and holidays, or the court might dictate daily interaction via phone or webcam; the relocating parent might have to pay the other parent’s travel arrangements, or child support might be reduced.

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The best-case scenario is to negotiate an agreement rather than allowing the court to dictate the terms. However, we realize that reaching a compromise is not always possible, and will prepare and present a compelling case in contested proceedings.

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