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Divorce Attorney Defending Fathers’ Rights

Advocating for Dads in Divorce and Custody Matters

In the past, divorced fathers were relegated to “weekend dad” status. Increasingly, men are seeking greater involvement in their kids’ lives after the breakup of a marriage. Yet fathers still find themselves at a disadvantage in the awarding of primary custody, the amount of parenting time received, and post-divorce disputes involving relocation of the primary custody parent.

At RC Charles Esquire, we have gained a reputation for leveling the playing field for dads who want to be equal parents or who simply want their kids to know them. We represent men (and women) in child custody disputes arising from divorce, post-divorce, and paternity matters.

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Fathers’ Rights Attorney Helping with Child Custody and Visitation

More and more fathers are making time for their kids and are not satisfied with the standard visitation schedule in New Jersey divorce. Although the law says that dads have equal standing in custody proceedings, many family courts still tend to favor mothers. Our job as legal advocates is to convince the judge that our client is fit for a shared role in the care and upbringing of his children.

We can arrange for custody evaluations, psychological assessments, parenting time coordinators, and other professional assistance to strengthen the case for our client in parenting plan negotiations or in contested custody proceedings.

The court will consider the nature and extent of the father’s relationship with his children. Is he involved in their daily lives or is he always working or traveling? Is he motivated by more contact with his kids or by paying less child support? Who drives the child around? Who helps with homework? The judge may also consider the wishes of a child who is at least 10 years old.

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