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Divorce Attorney Offering Legal Protection in Cases of Domestic Violence

Skilled Representation If You Are Facing a Restraining Order

Law enforcement and the courts take allegations of domestic violence very seriously. A minor altercation or a loud argument is all it takes to set off a chain of events that can end with you being forced to leave your home, cut off from your kids, and unable to contact your spouse or partner.

The law firm of RC Charles Esquire provides experienced representation for men or women unfairly accused of domestic violence. We will fight the restraining order to prevent any adverse impact on your employment, child custody arrangement, or other aspects of your life. We can also defend you if you face criminal charges of domestic assault.

Our skilled Essex County divorce attorney practices both family law and criminal defense in all courts throughout Essex County, Bergen County, and the surrounding areas of New Jersey. Contact us today at our Newark law firm if you are facing a domestic violence restraining order.

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Accusations of domestic abuse commonly arise when a marriage or relationship is on the rocks. The tension and negative emotions can lead to angry words, hurled objects, or physical confrontations. If one party feels threatened – or sees an opportunity to take advantage of the situation – calling the police or going to the courthouse is all it takes to obtain a temporary restraining order.

Rosalyn Charles is a former prosecutor and former municipal court judge who understands that domestic violence allegations are not always what they seem. An actual assault or legitimate threat of bodily harm is deserving of protection; however, many times restraining orders are used as ploys to exact revenge or gain leverage in divorce and child custody disputes.

Vigorous Defense for Unfounded Allegations of Abuse

Our goal is to prevent the court from issuing a final restraining order, otherwise known as a permanent order. Our lawyer will vigorously challenge the victim’s account, witness statements, and any physical evidence. Did the abuse actually occur and does it constitute the delineated offense? Was the altercation isolated and minor or is there a history of abuse? Is the story believable and what are the other party’s motives to exaggerate or lie?

A final restraining order is similar to a criminal conviction: you can be jailed for violating any part of the order; you can be prevented from having unsupervised visitation with your children; you can be prevented from owning or possessing firearms; and the accusation can negatively affect employment or professional licenses.

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